The perfect craft for all children to take part in during the holiday season, create quick and easy designs with fantastic results. Here we have collected 3 of our favourite designs for you to follow along with, so grab the paint and let’s get messy!

For this you will need:

- Paint! A more opaque paint like acrylic works best. 
- Paper/ cards to print your design onto
- Some little fingers!
-  Pens, pom poms, stickers… anything you want to decorate  your card with!

Reindeer card - how to make
Snowman Card - How do make
Christmas Wreath - how to make

Any paint works great for this activity, but if you want to focus on the fun a little more than the mess, try out our Fingerprint Buddies activity kit! 

A wonderful set of ink pads in a variety of colours to follow along or create your own unique designs.

Fingerprint Buddies £13.50

Top Tips!

- Different fingers are different sizes, play with these to create different designs.
- Adding white dots behind your drawing is a great way to create a snowy winter atmosphere.
- Letting the paint stay thick can add lovely texture when creating trees and wreaths!
- Use a hair dryer to speed up drying time - but be careful to hold down any nearby paper or it will fly away!
- Get the whole family involved, use mum and dads fingerprints as well, this way you'll get lots of unique Reindeer. 
- Make sure there is an adult present to supervise.

Written and Designed by Charlotte May