Welcome back for round two of our Christmas card crafts!  
Below are more fun designs perfect for children of all ages to make exciting cards for their friends and family.  So put on some Christmas songs and follow along with our final two designs for festive holiday fun!

For this you will need:

- Paint! A more opaque paint like acrylic works best for this.
- Paper/ cards to print your design onto
- Some little fingers!
- Pens, pom poms, stickers… anything you want to decorate your card with!

Need some help starting the fun? Try out the Djeco finger paint tubes, they come in 6 colours that can be used straight away or are a great chance to practice mixing colours.

6 Finger Paint Tubes £13.50

Top tips! 

- Adding white dots behind your drawing is a great way to create a snowy winter atmosphere.
- Get the whole family involved, use mum and dad's fingerprints as well, this way you'll get lots of unique robins.
- Letting the paint stay thick can add lovely texture when creating trees and wreaths!
- Lay out some newspaper before you start so mess doesn't stand in the way of creativity!   
- Make sure there is an adult present to supervise.

Written and Designed by Charlotte May

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