Unicorn Day

by Charlotte May

We’ve all been through a unicorn phase… right? The mythical creatures full of magic and beauty are inescapable for children. They symbolise the innocence and curiosity of youth, whilst providing a creature that hides in the shadows to idolise, instead of fear.

The rarity of a Unicorn also makes their friendship so much more special! So if one was to join you for a day of fun, you need to have the best activities ready for the two of you. Not to worry, I thought ahead and have a few great ideas for a day neither of you will ever forget. 

Let the Unicorn know where to stop! 

First things first - let’s help the Unicorn find you.

Time to get out those paints and create some beautiful artwork to catch the eye of any passing unicorns! Rainbows! Glitter! Stickers! Once completed display the works of art in your windows to show the world a unicorn lover lives here.
The bolder the better, plus a fun activity to add bursts of colour and creativity to any bedroom.

6 Glitter Pens
Shiny Stickers - Magical Unicorn

Be prepared for their arrival. 

When your new best friend finally joins you, you need to look the part. Unicorns are known to be proud dressers, so perhaps let’s skip pairing spots with stripes today!

Instead how about a fun head band or mask! That way you can both rock the Unicorn-horn look without the worry of a fashion faux pas… Plus, matching outfits are a great way to show everyone you are the best of friends. 

I'm a Unicorn headband 
Unicorn mask kit

Craft Time!

Now it’s time for some serious fun, what better way to start than crafting!

The 3D Unicorn Mask is an easy to follow activity with the potential for unlimited fun. Just follow the numbers to connect the pieces together and you’re done! It’s big enough to fit child or adult heads… so everyone can take part in the fun.

If you’re looking for something to challenge the imagination a little more, how about this wood and clay kit to create your own fabulous Unicorn ready for play. An easy to construct wooden skeleton which you can cover in any way you like from 6 different colours of air drying clay, with a stamp of your own artistic flair create a toy as unique as you! 

Unicorn 3D Mask Card Craft
Wood & Clay Kit - Make a Unicorn 

Games Time!

No day of fun is complete without a brilliant board game, so Rainbow Unicorns is the perfect fit.

The pairing game can be a cute short game, giving everyone a chance to be the first to reach the pot of gold. It is also perfect for younger children who can use it to familiarise themselves with colours and saying their names aloud. 

Rainbow Unicorns Game

Time for tea......

All this playing has made me a little hungry, tea time it is!

With this Unicorn tea set you are ready to share a wonderful time with your new friend. A teapot, a tea cup and saucer each, plus a tray to fill with fresh goodies for the two of you to share. Furthermore, an adorably illustrated carry case so your tea can be had on the go, how exciting! 

Unicorn 7 Piece Tea Set by Floss & Rock

Anyone else feeling sleepy? 

It looks like Unicorn can hardly keep her eyes open, I think it's time maybe to get into bed and read a story! 

My favourite is Magical Unicorn Dreams by Louise Tate, beautifully illustrated and easy to follow, this sweet book is the perfect way to end a day. From undersea treasures to cakes as big as castles, this imagination filled tale is a wonderful way to wind down after a long day. 

Jellycat Unicorn Dreams Book

Psst… If you need help finding a Unicorn..

For those moments between when the real Unicorns visit (they’re quite rare so, unfortunately, this may happen) how about our Bashful Unicorn, she’s really sweet and will sprinkle every bedtime with stardust and joy. The perfect cuddly, snuggly friend. 

Jellycat Small Bashful Unicorn

We hope this guide helped you on how to create the perfect Unicorn filled day for you or a loved one! Please let us know how you found it, and share your own tips on how to make this day even more magical!