Maileg Little Sister Tries Something New

Little Sister Mouse liked to try something new every day and today she wanted to learn how to do a pawstand.   She had seen little boys and girls doing handstands in the park so it would be like that but she had paws not hands so it would be a pawstand.

She leapt out of her little matchbox bed after her nap and she was excited. 

She wondered what the world would look like upside down because she knew that when she stood on her front paws in a pawstand that the world would be the wrong way up! That would be new for her.

She smoothed down her pretty red dress and she stretched her arms and legs ready to try a pawstand. 

She ran out in to the garden and skipped on to the grass. It would make a soft landing place for her if she toppled over, much better than falling on to the path. Ouch!

She took a deep breath and counted. One...two...three...up...up...she threw herself on to her front paws and waited to be upside down.

Oh dear, it didn’t happen. She flopped on to the grass.  Little Sister Mouse twitched her nose, she would try again. She remembered how the little boys and girls in the park did their handstands.

She went forward on to her front paws and tried to make her back legs and paws go above her.

She wibbled them and kicked and wobbled and then rolled over on to her back. The sun smiled down at her.

Hmm, how could she do it? She twirled her whiskers and thought hard and after a short while the answer came to her. She needed a little bit of help.

“Big Brother Mouse, where are you?” She scurried in to the house.

“I’m asleep in your matchbox, why?”

You’re awake now or sleep-talking!” Little Sister Mouse giggled. “So can you help me please, pretty please with a chunk of cheddar cheese on top?”

“Alright.” He yawned and rubbed his eyes awake. He followed her in to the garden and she called him on to the grassy area.

“Can you hold my back legs and paws up over my head please?”

Brother Mouse looked amazed. “Why?”

“I want to do a pawstand.”
 “Oh, that makes sense, alright then. I will.”

“Good, thank you. I will be on my front paws and could you hold my back paws up so that I can get used to being upside down and so that I don’t fall on to the grass please?”

“You’ll look a bit funny but I’ll help you to learn and practice. We will need to do this lots of times for you to be good at pawstands….they tried and tried but Little Sister Mouse was finding it really hard…the more she tried the worse she was got, because she began to get very tired and hungry.   Big Brother Mouse hated seeing his little sister upset  “Lets have a little rest and a snack then try again”  he said.

After a lovely snack of their favourite cheese,  Big Brother suggested that maybe this time she should try a headstand instead of a pawstand so she could learn to balance better.

Little Mouse thought this might be a good idea. “OK, lets try that” she said  “One, two three, here I go”   Big Brother Mouse caught her legs and helped her balance on her head…..“Yeah I did it” she shouted, she was so excited.  All that hard work had paid off and now she could see the World upside down….how brilliant was that!! 

“Shall I help you to do a headstand now”  she asked her brother

 “Would you? That sounds fun.” He beamed, he loved Little Sister Mouse.

They spent many happy hours together as they helped each other to stay upside down and they both got better and better at headstands and eventually after lots of practice they could do pawstands.

Trying and trying and trying again was hard but being able to do pawstands was super brilliant!



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