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  • Bingo, Memo & Domino Games - Little Friends

    This great value box from Djeco contains three traditional picture games with lovely illustrations of cute animals - Domino, Bingo and Memo. 3 games in 1 box makes this the...
    £ 14.25
  • Batasaurus Card Game

    A game that mixes strategy and memory. Be prepared for dinosaur attacks and retaliation with this fun prehistoric card game from Djeco. Featuring some of the most well known dinosaurs,...
    £ 6.96
  • Bingonimo Wooden Game

    Creative bingo style game, throw the colour dice to collect matching body parts to complete your animal. The first to complete their animal is the winner.  Contains 4 cardboard boards...
    £ 15.50
  • Bataplouf! - Bath Card Game

    A splashy game of snap.  5 sea animals are swimming in the bath, if two identical cards are turned up, the first to catch the animal on the cards wins...
    £ 9.95
  • Wooden Octo Domino Wooden Game

    Djeco Octo Domino is a colourful and appealing version of this classic game for younger children. One side of the domino is illustrated with familiar animals and the other side...
    £ 15.50
  • Snake and ladders

    The Djeco Snakes and Ladders is a fun take on a classic game, be the first to join the penguins for a sardine barbecue! Players:  2 - 4  Suitable for...
    £ 11.95
  • Little Association Game

    The rabbit lives in the vegetable garden, the cow in the meadow and the frog in the pond. Where does the carrot belong? To the vegetable garden! Quick, the rabbit...
    £ 13.95
  • Little Circuit Game

    Little animals are walking along a path. The dice shows red! The little dog can move onto the next red square... Who will be the first one to reach the...
    £ 14.95
  • Little Memo Game

    This is a great memory game for children to play with their parents. Small animals are wandering around the garden when one suddenly hides under the bush box. Which one...
    £ 16.75
  • Little Balancing Game

    Small frogs are balancing on the waterlilies. Make sure they don’t fall into the pond! A game for children which encourAge communication and dexterity. Players: 2-4 Playing Time: 10 minutes...
    £ 16.75
  • Card Game - Familou

    A fun and unique game featuring a range of quirky animal designs from Djeco. The card game is based on Happy Families with a difference. The idea is all the players...
    £ 6.95
  • Litlle Collect Game

    A first game of collecting with sweet little rabbits. The little rabbits are greedy and if you want to approach them, you will first need to harvest some peas and...
    £ 16.95
  • Card Game - Mixamatou

    Match the cats by hat, cheeks or clothes. One after another the players try to get rid of 1 or 2 cards by matching a card to the one in...
    £ 6.95
  • Magnetic Colourful Fishing Game

    This magnetic fishing game has two small fishing rods with magnets on that hover over  twelve different sea animals. Who will catch the most? Let the fishing begin!! Box size:...
    £ 15.50
  • Free Slide Penguin Game

    Under the watchful eye of their dads, the little penguins are having fun iceberg-hopping, but they must be careful not to fall into the water! In Glisse Glace, players take turns...
    £ 25.00
  • Ze Balanceo (balancing game)

    Ze Balanceo Blocks makes a great game for children. Simply balance the blocks on top of each other, let them tumble down and then start again. Suitable for Ages 3+...
    £ 15.95
  • Animo Dices

    This is a simple first dice game, collect the right combination of animals using 4 dice and 3 throws. Players: 2-6 Suitable for Ages: 4-10 years
    £ 10.50
  • Djeco Little Cooperation Game - I Want That Present
    Sold Out

    Little Cooperation Game

    Out of Stock
    Out of Stock
    4 little animals are trying to get to their igloo on the ice field. But they need to be careful because the ice bridge could collapse at any time! This...
    £ 16.75
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