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4M Glow in the Dark Unicorns
4M Glow in the Dark 3D Solar System
4M Mould & Paint - 3D Glitter Unicorn4M Mould & Paint - 3D Glitter Unicorn
4M Magical Animal Rock Painting4M Magical Animal Rock Painting
4M 4M Magical Animal Rock Painting
£ 14.95
Design Your Own Fairy Mirror Chest
4M Glow in the Dark Large Moon & Stars
Unicorn Glitter and Sand ArtUnicorn Glitter and Sand Art
4M Unicorn Glitter and Sand Art
£ 4.95
Make A Crystalite Trinket BoxMake A Crystalite Trinket Box
4M Make A Crystalite Trinket Box
£ 6.95
Make A Crystalite  Wind Chime & Trinket BoxMake A Crystalite  Wind Chime & Trinket Box
Great Gizmos Create Your Own Mug Design
4M KidzLabs Pocket Volcano
4M 4M KidzLabs Pocket Volcano
£ 4.50
4M KidzLabs Micro Rocket
4M 4M KidzLabs Micro Rocket
£ 4.95
4M Faux Leather Bag Kit
4M 4M Faux Leather Bag Kit
£ 14.50
4M Adorable Scarf Knitting Kit4M Adorable Scarf Knitting Kit
4M 4M Adorable Scarf Knitting Kit
£ 14.50
Fingerprint Buddies - UnicornsFingerprint Buddies - Unicorns
4M Fingerprint Buddies - Unicorns
£ 13.50
Fingerprint Buddies - DinosaurFingerprint Buddies - Dinosaur
4M Fingerprint Buddies - Dinosaur
£ 13.50
4M KidzRobotix - Wacky Robot
4M 4M KidzRobotix - Wacky Robot
£ 17.50
4M KidzLabs - Mega Hydraulic Robotic Arm4M KidzLabs - Mega Hydraulic Robotic Arm
4M 4M KidzLabs - Mega Hydraulic Robotic Arm
£ 19.95 £ 24.50
Mould & Paint - Glow in the Dark Space
4M Mould & Paint - Robots4M Mould & Paint - Robots
4M 4M Mould & Paint - Robots
£ 9.95
Classic Marbles - Grocasouras
4M Classic Marbles - Grocasouras
£ 2.50
Kids Labs Kitchen ScienceKids Labs Kitchen Science
4M Kids Labs Kitchen Science
£ 11.50 £ 12.95
4M KidzLabs Bubble Science
4M 4M KidzLabs Bubble Science
£ 14.95
4M Paint Your Own Nesting Butterfly Trinket Boxes4M Paint Your Own Nesting Butterfly Trinket Boxes
4M Mould & Paint - Garden4M Mould & Paint - Garden
4M 4M Mould & Paint - Garden
£ 9.95
4M Crochet Art4M Crochet Art
4M 4M Crochet Art
£ 12.25 £ 13.50
4M Mould & Paint - Glitter Unicorn4M Mould & Paint - Glitter Unicorn
4M Mould & Paint - Cupcakes4M Mould & Paint - Cupcakes
4M Knitting Art4M Knitting Art
4M 4M Knitting Art
£ 13.50
4M Garden Stone Painting4M Garden Stone Painting
4M 4M Garden Stone Painting
£ 6.95
4M French Knitting Butterfly Kit4M French Knitting Butterfly Kit
4M Ballerina Doll Making Kit4M Ballerina Doll Making Kit
4M 4M Ballerina Doll Making Kit
£ 13.50
4M Embroidery Stitches4M Embroidery Stitches
4M 4M Embroidery Stitches
£ 13.50
4M Cross Stitch Kit4M Cross Stitch Kit
4M 4M Cross Stitch Kit
£ 13.95
4M KidzLabs Science Magic
4M 4M KidzLabs Science Magic
£ 12.95
4M KidzLabs Maths Magic
4M 4M KidzLabs Maths Magic
£ 12.95
Fingerprint BuddiesFingerprint Buddies
4M Fingerprint Buddies
£ 13.50
4M My Magical Unicorn4M My Magical Unicorn
4M 4M My Magical Unicorn
£ 21
4M Origami - Safari Animals4M Origami - Safari Animals
4M 4M Origami - Safari Animals
£ 6.75
4M KidzRobotix - Spider Robot4M KidzRobotix - Spider Robot
4M 4M KidzRobotix - Spider Robot
£ 17.50
4M KidzRobotix - Money Bank Robot4M KidzRobotix - Money Bank Robot
Thinking Kits - Unicorn Window PaintsThinking Kits - Unicorn Window Paints
4M Thinking Kits - Unicorn Window Paints
£ 13.50 £ 15.75
4M Window Mosaics - Dolphin4M Window Mosaics - Dolphin
4M 4M Window Mosaics - Dolphin
£ 14.95
4M Mould & Paint - Llamas4M Mould & Paint - Llamas
4M 4M Mould & Paint - Llamas
£ 8.95 £ 9.95
4M Mould & Paint - Zoo Animals4M Mould & Paint - Zoo Animals
4M 4M Mould & Paint - Zoo Animals
£ 6.95 £ 9.95
4M KidzLabs Magnet Science
4M 4M KidzLabs Magnet Science
£ 14.95
Room Lights Origami
4M Room Lights Origami
£ 12.50 £ 13.95
4M KidzLabs Fingerprint Kit
4M 4M KidzLabs Fingerprint Kit
£ 12.95

Great Gizmos specialise in quality science and creative kits that encourage children to use their imagination and be creative whilst having fun. Whether your little creative genius is into space, puppets, fairies or magic there is a kit for everyone.

Our current best seller is the Mould & Paint Fridge Magnet Trucks… really fun to make and they are a great addition to any fridge. Our little ones had a brilliant afternoon making them and grandpa was delighted with his new fridge magnet that we gave him for his 75th birthday – win win!

Great Gizmo;s was established in 1997 by ‘frustrated parents’ who wanted some seriously creative toys for their children. All of Great Gizmos toys have been designed with youngsters in mind.. they have to be exciting and fun and inspire children in creative play. We love them!

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