Jellycat Sale

Jellycat Sale

Are you a lover of Jellycat? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now get your hands on Jellycat’s sale items for a fraction of the usual price! From quirky Amuseables to special seasonal products, you’re sure to snap up a good deal with I Want That Present’s Jellycat sale in the UK! Take advantage of our Jellycat clearance below…


From cute and cuddly baseballs for sports lovers to stunningly scrumptious-looking wedding cakes, we have a number of Jellycat sales on the Amuseables collection! The uniqueness of the Amuseables is what sets them apart, making them a favourite of Jellycat fans everywhere. Just imagine unboxing all the fun of an Amuseable at a reduced price, too!

Baby Gifts

Every adorable baby needs a piece of comfort that’s almost as cute as them. That said, buying bundles of baby bits soon adds up! As a result, I Want That Present has come to the rescue with a number of baby gifts included in the Jellycat discounted product range. Find gorgeous gifts for your bonny baby at a fraction of the usual price here.


From pretty poodles to fire-breathing dragons, the range of animals in the Jellycat collection is a varied one. Whatever your favourite animal may be, you’re sure to find a cuddly companion in the Jellycat sale collection. If you weren’t already tempted enough, the deals are far too good to resist!


Every toybox should be stacked with books. What books are better than Jellycat ones? From fabric books to engage babies to hardback storybooks, there’s something for children of all ages! The power of books is priceless, yet our sale items are incredibly affordable; give your child the gift of a story with I Want That Present.


From Chinese New Year dragons to Easter bunnies, Jellycat provides a number of seasonal products, and I Want That Present supplies them at affordable prices! Holidays call for festivity, and what’s more festive than a price crunch? Whether you’re hunting for the perfect gift or you’re looking to treat yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Are you hoping that your favourite Jellycat is on sale? If so, browse the Jellycat UK Sale at I Want That Present. The above categories cover only some of the Jellycat offers you can get your hands on. 

In addition to the extensive range available in our Jellycat toys sale, we also offer various payment options. These include debit/credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and buy now, pay later. Shopping for Jellycat sale items couldn’t be easier; what are you waiting for?



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JellycatJellycat Finnegan Frog
Sale priceFrom £ 18.00
JellycatJellycat When I Wonder Book
Sale priceFrom £ 11.50
JellycatJellycat Bashful Grey Kitty
Sale priceFrom £ 25.00
JellycatJellycat All Kinds of Cats Book
Sale priceFrom £ 12.00
JellycatJellycat Hibernating Mole
Sale price£ 17.50 Regular price£ 18.00
JellycatJellycat Amuseable Daisy
Sale price£ 36.95 Regular price£ 39.95