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  • Fairydoorz Fairy Book 'Sophie finds a Fairy Door'

    'Sophie finds a Fairy Door'. When Sophie moves her teddies, she finds a magical fairy door on the skirting board. Then Bella the fairy flies in and takes her to...
    £ 6.95
  • Jellycat Elephants Can't Fly Book

    Elephants Can't Fly - at least, that what little Elly is told. But why not? Follow Elly on her mission to fly, beautifully drawn in sweet pastel colours. Elephants Can't...
    £ 9.75
  • Jellycat The Very Brave Lion Book

    The Very Brave Lion is a story about a young lion called Rory who is worrying about becoming King one day. How could he possibly be king? He doesn't feel...
    £ 9.75
  • Jellycat If I Were a Giraffe Board Book

    Get thinking and dreaming with the If I Were A Giraffe book! This chunky board book has a splotchy giraffe tail, and pages and pages of feely fun. Let little...
    £ 8.50
  • Jellycat Tails Jungle Book

    What a lot of funny friends, all packed into the Jungly Tails Book! Get to know jungle animals by their tails; who is all feathery? who’s got bright spots? And...
    £ 11.50
  • Oskar & Ellen Fabric Baby Travel Book

    This compact and lightweight baby book is a great travel companion and is ideal for entertaining little ones when travelling. They can interact and play using the colourful pictures and...
    £ 17.95
  • Jellycat When I am Big Book

    Running races, collecting bugs - this little bunny can't wait to grow up! When I Am Big explores wishes and dreams in a beautiful hardback book. With sweet illustrations and...
    £ 9.75
  • Lost Elf Christmas Story

    Festive book called The Lost Elf. Book size: 25x19cm
    £ 3.50
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Personalised Book and Plush Toy Gift Set

    A gift set that is a perfect introduction for infants to Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. The set includes a personalised story-book and a Thomas the Tank Engine...
    £ 39.50
  • Jellycat My Friend Bunny Book

    Jellycat board books are beautifully illustrated they make perfect gifts for toddlers. My Friend Bunny is a scrumptious story about a very special pal. Bunny is full of adventure and...
    £ 9.75
  • Jellycat My Best Pet Book

    My Best Pet, is a story about the best pet of all, a dinosaur! When you want a new pet, please make sure that you check that they can: skateboard,...
    £ 9.75
  • Jellycat Unicorn Dreams Book

    This beautifully illustrated Jellycat book; Magical Unicorn Dreams is an enchanting story of make-believe. Gallop away to a magical land and see what adventures you can find with your mystical...
    £ 9.75
  • Jellycat One Day Book

    One Day, is about a little chick dreaming of flying up high all alone and paddling around in the pond on their own - this dizzy duckling just can't wait...
    £ 8.50
  • Jellycat If I Were a Bunny Board Book

    What would it be like to hop and snuffle? The If I Were A Bunny Book aims to find out! Let little imaginations leap up high with dreams of bobtails...
    £ 8.50
  • Jellycat If I Were an Elephant Board Book

    Wouldn’t it be great to have big stompy feet and a long grey trunk to grab goodies to eat? The If I Were An Elephant Book encourages children to think...
    £ 8.50
  • Jellycat The Fearless Octopus Board Book

    Feeling brave? Open up The Fearless Octopus Book! This beautifully written poetic story follows a very courageous octopus! Adventuring can be scary - face those fear with our wriggly hero!...
    £ 9.95
  • Oskar & Ellen Fabric Wild Animal Zoo Book

    Can you find the lion hiding in the tall grass, the crocodile swimming or the elephant playing in the waterfall? Keep an eye out for the monkey, zebra and giraffe...
    £ 23.95
  • Sugarlump and the Unicorn by Julia Donaldson

    What adventures could a rocking horse have if only he were a real horse? Sugarlump finds out when with a flash of her eyes and a toss of her mane,...
    £ 6.99
  • Oskar & Ellen Fabric My First Album - Blue

    A wonderful Christening or newborn gift! Your child's most precious moments can now be kept forever! Picturs can be inserted for: My First Day (newborn), My Family, My First Smile,...
    £ 19.95
  • Oskar & Ellen Fabric My First Album - Pink

    A wonderful Christening or newborn gift! Your child's most precious moments can now be kept forever! Pictures can be inserted for: My First Day (newborn), My Family, My First Smile,...
    £ 19.95
  • Oskar & Ellen Fabric Alphabet Zoo Book

    Make learning fun and educational with this Alphabet Zoo book. Hidden behind each flap is a colourful animal with its name embroidered there. This is a great way for kids...
    £ 32.50
  • Jellycat Mum and Me Book

    This is a lovely book that little ones will just love to snuggle up with their mummy and read this wonderful book and learn why baby lamb loves his Mummy...
    £ 8.95
  • Jellycat Matties Twirly Whirly Tail Book

    Mattie's Twirly Whirly Tail Book is a wonderful story about being yourself. This gorgeously colourful poetry yarn features a very glum monkey indeed. Mattie doesn't like his tail because it's...
    £ 6.50
  • Jabadabado - My First Book - Blue

    This fun soft little book is small enough to be held by the tiniest of hands. Let your baby discover their reflection, as well as the wrinkle and beep sound...
    £ 10.95
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