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  • Kidz Labs Mammoth Skeleton Excavation Kit

    Be a Palaeontologist! Dig and excavate the skeleton of a mysterious prehistoric animal and then assemble the skeleton to form a mammoth model. Kit also contains a cardboard display platform...
  • Kidz Labs Fingerprint Kit

    Become a Detective! Learn how detectives identify suspects and record important clues found at crime scenes. Record, collect and identify fingerprints with the super dusting powder! Recommended for Ages: 8+...
  • Kidz Labs Magic Kit

    Perform your very own magic show. 12 marvellous magic tricks to Amaze your family and friends with. The kit includes all the props you need, tricks secrets and tips for...
  • Kidz Labs Human Skeleton

    Build a full human skeleton set, complete with glow magnets. Learn how the skeleton supports our body. Includes "magic" x-ray films that let you "see through" the human body!

Recommended Age...
  • Kidz Labs Science Magic

    Is it magic or is it science? Kit contains 20 fun science tricks to wow your friends and family. Perform a variety of magic tricks using everyday objects. From magnesium...
  • Kidz Labs Glow Skull

    Try your hand at physiology! Learn the structure of your skull with a cool and luminous human skull keyring. Have fun touching and examining the squishy brain! Recommended Age 8+...
  • Kidz Labs Kaleidoscope Making Kit

    Build your own kaleidoscope, creating millions of dazzling patterns in the viewing chamber. Kit contains everything required to make a good quality kaleidoscope. Includes fun experiments and assembly instructions.
  • Kidz Labs Balancing Robot

    Learn how this little robot is always able to find its equilibrium by making use of his centre of gravity! He can perform gravity defying tricks, he is truly a...
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