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Jellycat Fossilly Stegosaurus
Jellycat Huggady DinoJellycat Huggady Dino
Jellycat Jellycat Huggady Dino
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Jellycat Fossilly TriceratopsJellycat Fossilly Triceratops
Jellycat Fossilly BrontosaurusJellycat Fossilly Brontosaurus
Jellycat Fossilly T-RexJellycat Fossilly T-Rex
Jellycat Jellycat Fossilly T-Rex
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Jellycat Vividie Dino
Jellycat Bashful Dino Small
Jellycat Douglas Dino Little
Jellycat Medium Douglas Dino
Ty Stompy Dinosaur Flippable Beanie Boo - 23cm
Jellycat Bashful Dino - Medium
Jellycat Jellycat Bashful Dino - Medium
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We love soft toys at I Want that Present and have selected all of our ‘softees’ because they are cute, cuddly, soft, funny, friendly and gorgeous. So whether you are looking for a plush soft toy for a new-born or a flippable for a fun loving youngster then I Want That Present has exactly the right toy for the child in your life.   PS. You don’t have to give any of our toys to a baby or child, you can keep them for yourself, we won’t tell!

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