Maileg, beautifully made, charming and award winning toys are a hit with children (and adults). Each of the distinctively designed collections include toys to encourage imaginative stories and play. The toys are huggable, adorable and timeless, they are the sort of toys that will be passed down to the next generation. Maileg are collectable toys that become firm friends. We love them to the moon and back and know that your little ones will too.

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MAILEG TOYS is a Danish company set up by husband and wife team Dorthe and Erik Mailil in 1999. The name is derived from the first three letters of their surname and ‘leg’ simply means play in Danish. All the toys are still designed by Dorthe and all beautifully are made from a selection of exquisite fabrics. Each collection has a distinct style but with same attention to detail and quality of workmanship. We love the Maileg collections and know that will be played with and treasured by children and adults alike. Oh, and one final thing, Maileg is pronounced My’lye but however you say it is fine with us! Click on the toys below to see the Maileg collections available from I Want that Present