jellycat pale pink super soft pig soft toy laying on his tummy


Jellycat Tumblie Medium Pig

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The Jellycat Tumblie Pig is an adorable and ultra-soft stuffed animal with ruffled pink fur, a suedey snout, and perky ears. With its cute and cuddly looks, this pig is perfect for anyone who loves little piglets.

Whether you want to lie on the bed, settee, or have it across your lap, this soft toy is a great companion. It's also safe for babies as it is suitable from birth. When laid on its tummy, it measures 35cm long and 12cm wide, making it a perfect size for little hands to hold and cuddle.

The ruffled style fur of the Tumblie Pig adds an extra layer of texture and fun to playtime. Children can stroke the soft fur and feel the unique texture of the ruffles. The suedey snout and perky ears also add to the toy's charm and make it even more huggable.

Overall, the Jellycat Tumblie Pig is an excellent addition to any stuffed animal collection. Its super-soft fur, cute looks, and perfect size make it an ideal toy for children of all ages, and its safety from birth makes it a great option for parents looking for a cuddly companion for their little ones.

  • Suitable from Birth
  • Size: H12 X W35 cm