Maileg 2024 New Spring / Summer Collection - SS24

Maileg 2024 New Spring / Summer Collection - SS24

Maileg’s SS24 New Spring/Summer Collection has now been launched, and wow... there are so many beautiful new mice and accessories to choose from; you will be spoilt for choice! Pre-orders can now be placed, so be sure to discover more about this exciting collection below…

Maileg Mice

Spring marks the commencement of new chapters, a sentiment echoed by the Maileg Spring Collection 2024, introducing a charming array of new mice and accessories. The thrilling aspect is the chance to acquire the complete set through I Want That Present!

The Maileg New Collection presents Maileg fans with the opportunity to meet their next squeaky buddy. Whether you’d like to make friends with Big Sister Tricycle Mouse or you’re keen to get acquainted with Big Brother Tricycle Mouse, I Want That Present can send them your way.

Maileg Accessories and Furniture 

As always, Maileg has some wonderful new accessories and furniture for all Maileg fans. From the Maileg Pumpkin Carriage to the Maileg Picnic Set, the new collection is abundant in all manner of accessories for the Maileg mice. 

After all, the Maileg mice love to live in luxury! For this reason, the Maileg Summer 2024 Collection provides these little ones with some must-have bits and bobs!

Maileg Plushes

While the Maileg mice are the main characters of the brand, they aren’t the only fluffy friends on offer! The new Maileg Collection also contains a fleet of plushies, including the Maileg Chicken and Cream Peach Maileg Bunny. The Maileg plushies love to cuddle, meaning they make the best bedtime companions for little ones or the cutest decorations for a beautifully made bed. 

Maileg Bunnies and Rabbits

Perhaps you’re a fan of the Maileg bunny and rabbit collections; if so, you’re in luck! The Maileg Spring/Summer Collection contains some new bunnies and rabbits, including the Size 2 Maileg Bunny in a Classic Flower Dress and the MY Maileg Rabbit in Rose/Blue Check. So, be sure to jump into spring with these bouncy bunnies and rollicking rabbits by your side!

Shop the Maileg Spring/Summer Collection at I Want That Present

The Maileg Spring/Summer 2024 Collection is packed full of fab products! Be sure to browse the range below. Being based in the UK, I Want That Present works to get your favourite Maileg pieces to you within a quick turnaround time. So, pre-order today, and rest assured that you’ll be one of the first to get your hands on the latest Maileg products!



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MailegMaileg Metal Tin Easter Egg
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MailegMaileg Bunny, Plush - Mini - Cream Peach
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MailegMaileg Miniature Grocery Box
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MailegMaileg Little Sister Mouse in a Matchbox
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MailegMaileg Unicorn
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MailegMaileg Babysitter, MY
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MailegMaileg Little Brother Mouse in a Matchbox
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Maileg Lullaby Friends, Mouse Rattle - Nature
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Maileg Pony Maileg Pony
MailegMaileg Pony
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