Jellycat has become the go-to brand for baby gifts, comforters and soft toys. Jellycat is very well known for its super soft, adorable toys; they are made to be hugged and adored! While most are suitable from birth, don't let that put you off; many adults love these soft toys. We have a large selection of soft toys ranging from the beautiful Bashful and Blossom Bunnies to delightful dinosaurs. Similarly, the brand boasts a fabulous Amuseables range of quirky soft toys.

Jellycat Toys

The Jellycat toy range predominantly consists of cuddly plushies. From birds to zebras, almost any animal you can think of (and more) is available as a Jellycat toy. What’s more, it’s not just about animals; the Pretty Patisserie range takes the shape of tasty-looking treats. There’s something for everyone in the Jellycat toy range!

The Jellycat Teddy Range

Traditional teddy bears are a popular choice of gift for newborns, and they’re often among the first cuddly toys that little ones interact with. From the Jellycat Bartholomew Teddy Bear to the Jellycat Wee Bear, I Want That Present stocks all manner of Jellycat teddy bears that are suitable from birth.

Jellycat’s Baby Gift Sets

Finding a gift for a newborn baby that’s equally thoughtful and unique can be a tricky task. That’s where the Jellycat baby gift sets come in. The gift sets contain a cuddly plushie and pretty printed muslins, the perfect gift for parents-to-be or newborn babies.

Jellycat Books

When it comes to the learning and development of little ones, storybooks are essential! From Jellycat’s My Best Pet book to the Who Can I Find? book, there’s a story to suit every type of child with all kinds of interests.

Jellycat Comforters

Many of us can remember having a comfort blanket or toy as a child, and some of us still have this piece of comfort. Consequently, Jellycat developed its comforter range, where the products are essentially cuddly toys and blankets combined. Babies and parents alike will benefit from a soothing gift such as these.

Jellycat Rattles and Teethers

Teething is a tricky time for babies and parents alike. Jellycat strives to make it all that little bit easier with its rattles and teethers. From the Shooshu Percy Polar Bear Wooden Ring Toy to the Bashful Blue Bunny Wooden Ring Toy, Jellycat hopes to bring comfort during the pain of teething.

Ordering from the I Want That Present online store couldn’t be any easier. Browse the Jellycat collection below and make your purchase today.



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JellycatJellycat Snow Dragon
Sale priceFrom £ 27.00
JellycatJellycat Rose Dragon
Sale priceFrom £ 27.00
JellycatJellycat Tumblie Duck
Sale price£ 25.00
JellycatJellycat Bashful Dino
Sale priceFrom £ 17.00
JellycatJellycat Fossilly Stegosaurus
Sale priceFrom £ 13.00
JellycatJellycat Snow Tiger - Sacha
Sale priceFrom £ 30.00
JellycatJellycat Fuddlewuddle Lion
Sale priceFrom £ 25.00 Regular price£ 27.00
JellycatJellycat Bashful Monkey
Sale priceFrom £ 17.00
JellycatJellycat Bashful Lion
Sale priceFrom £ 15.10
JellycatJellycat Barnabus Pig
Sale priceFrom £ 24.00
JellycatJellycat Amuseable Sun
Sale price£ 26.00 Regular price£ 28.00
JellycatJellycat Bashful Tiger
Sale priceFrom £ 17.00
JellycatJellycat Fossilly T-Rex
Sale priceFrom £ 13.00
JellycatJellycat Tiger - Taylor
Sale priceFrom £ 30.00
JellycatJellycat Fossilly Triceratops
Sale priceFrom £ 13.00
JellycatJellycat Bashful Fudge Puppy
Sale priceFrom £ 17.00
JellycatJellycat Louie Lion
Sale priceFrom £ 30.00
JellycatJellycat Maya Octopus
Sale priceFrom £ 16.00
JellycatJellycat Amuseable Moon
Sale price£ 25.00 Regular price£ 27.00
JellycatJellycat Cluny Cockerel
Sale price£ 28.50 Regular price£ 30.00
JellycatJellycat Lottie Bunny Fairy
Sale priceFrom £ 30.00
JellycatJellycat 25th Anniversary Cat
Sale priceFrom £ 40.00
JellycatJellycat Dory Duck
Sale price£ 32.00
JellycatJellycat Benji Koala
Sale price£ 23.00