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Knitten Kitten Fuchsia
Jellycat Knitten Kitten Fuchsia
New Arrival
£ 20
Knitten Kitten Lime
Jellycat Knitten Kitten Lime
New Arrival
£ 20
Jellycat Little Kitten
Jellycat Jellycat Little Kitten
New Arrival
£ 16
Jellycat Charlie CheetahJellycat Charlie Cheetah
Jellycat Jellycat Charlie Cheetah
From £ 27
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Jellycat Paris PantherJellycat Paris Panther
Jellycat Jellycat Paris Panther
From £ 27
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Bashful Unicorn Ceramic Photo Frame
Save 25%
Bashful Bunny Ceramic Photo Frame
Bashful Panda
Jellycat Bashful Panda
From £ 14
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Jellycat Onyx DragonJellycat Onyx Dragon
Jellycat Jellycat Onyx Dragon
From £ 24
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Jellycat Cordy Lion Activity ToyJellycat Cordy Lion Activity Toy
Bashful Fox Soother
Jellycat Bashful Fox Soother
£ 20
Blossom Blush Bunny SootherBlossom Blush Bunny Soother
Bashful Cream Bunny SootherBashful Cream Bunny Soother
Lottie Bunny Tartan
Jellycat Lottie Bunny Tartan
£ 20
Berry Santa - Large
Jellycat Berry Santa - Large
£ 42
Crimson Santa - Medium
Wee Polar Bear
Jellycat Wee Polar Bear
£ 12
Wee Penguin
Jellycat Wee Penguin
£ 12
Merry Mouse Book
Jellycat Merry Mouse Book
£ 8.50
Save 10%
Merry Mouse Wreath
Jellycat Merry Mouse Wreath
£ 20.70 £ 23
Save 10%
Merry Mouse Present
Jellycat Merry Mouse Present
£ 20.70 £ 23
Save 10%
Merry Mouse Bedtime
Jellycat Merry Mouse Bedtime
£ 20.70 £ 23
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Merry Mouse
Jellycat Merry Mouse
£ 20.70 £ 23
Mitzi Reindeer
Jellycat Mitzi Reindeer
£ 26
Teddy Snowman
Jellycat Teddy Snowman
From £ 23
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Amuseable Wreath - Large
Amuseable Poinsettia
Jellycat Amuseable Poinsettia
£ 40
Amuseable Mistletoe
Jellycat Amuseable Mistletoe
£ 18
Amuseable Gingerbread House
Amuseable Candy Cane - Little
Jellycat Louie LionJellycat Louie Lion
Jellycat Jellycat Louie Lion
From £ 27
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Jellycat Lottie Bunny PartyJellycat Lottie Bunny Party
Jellycat Lottie Bunny Ballet
Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Hippo SootherJellycat Fuddlewuddle Hippo Soother
Jellycat Odyssey Octopus SootherJellycat Odyssey Octopus Soother
Jellycat Cozi Odyssey Octopus
Jellycat Cozi Odell Octopus
Amuseable Cozi AvocadoAmuseable Cozi Avocado
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Jellycat Cosie KittenJellycat Cosie Kitten
Jellycat Cosie BunnyJellycat Cosie Bunny
Jellycat Jellycat Cosie Bunny
£ 18
Jellycat Cocoa BearJellycat Cocoa Bear
Jellycat Jellycat Cocoa Bear
From £ 25
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Jellycat Bonbon Monkey
Jellycat Jellycat Bonbon Monkey
£ 12 £ 15
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Jellycat Bonbon Gorilla
Jellycat Jellycat Bonbon Gorilla
£ 12 £ 15
Jellycat I Might Be Little Book
Jellycat An Elephant Nose Best Book
Jellycat Benji Koala
Jellycat Jellycat Benji Koala
From £ 20
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Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny Gift SetJellycat Bashful Beige Bunny Gift Set
Jellycat Bashful Pink Bunny Gift SetJellycat Bashful Pink Bunny Gift Set
London based Jellycat have become the go to brand for baby’s gifts and comforters. Since starting in 1999 they have developed a seriously cute range of products all featuring loveable characters including the completely huggable ‘Bashful’ range that includes Bashful Bunny, Bashful Unicorn and Bashful Dino. Jellycat soft toys are quite simply ‘the softest toys you have ever hugged, cuddled and adored’  and all are beautifully made and most are suitable form birth. Our range of Jellycat soothers include Monkey, Bunny, Elephant and Duck and can be machine washed (though not tumble dried or ironed!)

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