Maileg (pronounced my’lye) is the home of the matchbox mouse, Maileg bunnies, rabbits, Christmas toys and decorations, and so many wonderful delights. Maileg is an award-winning Danish company; their authentic-styled toy collection was created by Dorthe Mailil and is often based on contemporary seasons.

I Want That Present: Official Maileg Stockists, UK

Despite being a Danish company, Maileg is stocked by I Want That Present in the UK. As a result, fans of the brand needn’t wait for their favourite products to be shipped overseas. Instead, we can dispatch your favourite products to you to be on your doorstep in a matter of days.

Top Maileg Toys, UK

Not only is I Want That Present one of few UK Maileg suppliers, but our product range is also incredibly extensive. Detailed below are some of our favourite Maileg categories.

Maileg Bears

Traditional teddies are some of the most sought-after gifts for babies, children, and adults alike. That’s exactly what’s offered by Maileg’s collection of bears, allowing you to cuddle your way to comfort.

Maileg Bunnies

Bouncing bunnies are another popular choice when it comes to cuddly toys. In fact, our Large Grey Maileg Fluffy Bunny is one of our favourites, thanks to his super soft fur and floppy ears.

Maileg Cats

If you’re a cat lover, you’re going to adore our Maileg kittens. These fine feline friends are available in Black and Ginger, each wearing a darling dress.

Maileg Dinosaurs

Who says that dinosaurs are extinct? They’re certainly not at I Want That Present! You can purchase your new prehistoric pal in Old Rose or Dark Petrol.

Maileg Dogs

From plush puppies to posh poodles, you can find a best friend in one of our Maileg dogs. In addition to the dogs themselves, we also stock the cutest accessories!

Maileg Deer

Is there anything more elegant than a deer? We don’t think so, which is why a whole family of Maileg deer is up for grabs at I Want That Present.

Shop Maileg UK Products at I Want That Present

The above categories cover only some of the products offered by the Maileg brand. In addition to our extensive range of Maileg items, we also offer a multitude of payment options. These include debit/credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and buy now, pay later. As a result, it couldn’t be easier to get your hands on unique toys from the award-winning Danish brand.



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Maileg Princess and the Pea, Big Sister Mouse Maileg Princess and the Pea, Big Sister Mouse
MailegMaileg Princess and the Pea, Big Sister Mouse
Sale price£ 38.20 Regular price£ 47.75
MailegMaileg Fireplace, Vintage Off-white
Sale price£ 21.00 Regular price£ 22.00
MailegMaileg Mouse Bath Tub
Sale price£ 16.00
MailegMouse Chairs - Green (x2)
Sale price£ 20.00 Regular price£ 22.00
MailegMaileg Mouse Chair - Red & Cream
Sale price£ 10.00 Regular price£ 11.00
MailegMaileg Santa Mouse, Big Brother
Sale price£ 32.50 Regular price£ 37.00
MailegMaileg Tea and Biscuits for Two
Sale price£ 20.00 Regular price£ 23.25
MailegMaileg Fairy Mouse, Little Sister
Sale price£ 14.00 Regular price£ 14.75
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maileg miniature fabric bonfire with marshmallows, sausages and a croissant maileg fabric camping bonfire set with big brother mouse soft toy toasting marshmallows
MailegMaileg Bonfire Set
Sale price£ 14.50 Regular price£ 16.00
MailegMaileg Superhero Mouse in a Matchbox, Little Brother
Sale price£ 23.00 Regular price£ 24.50
MailegMaileg Miniature Mirror
Sale price£ 8.00 Regular price£ 8.50
MailegMaileg Mouse Sleigh - Green
Sale price£ 17.36 Regular price£ 19.50
MailegMaileg Mouse Closet / Wardrobe - White
Sale price£ 20.00 Regular price£ 20.75
MailegMaileg Mouse Toilet
Sale price£ 24.50
MailegMaileg Christmas Tea Party
Sale price£ 22.50 Regular price£ 24.50
MailegMaileg Prince Mouse, Big Brother
Sale price£ 18.25 Regular price£ 19.50
MailegMaileg Cooler for Mice
Sale price£ 13.75 Regular price£ 14.75
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Maileg Castle Gift Bag, Pink
MailegMaileg Bathroom Set
Sale price£ 11.00
MailegMaileg Miniature Bath Tub
Sale price£ 17.00 Regular price£ 18.50
MailegMaileg Bench, Mouse Size
Sale price£ 12.50 Regular price£ 13.00
MailegMaileg Beach Set - Bucket, Spade & Shells
Sale price£ 14.25 Regular price£ 16.00
MailegMaileg Rocking Chair, Mouse, Light Brown
Sale price£ 14.24 Regular price£ 16.00
MailegMaileg Baby Mice Triplets in Matchbox (2023)
Sale price£ 35.00 Regular price£ 37.00
MailegMaileg Vintage Mouse Bed, Metal, Rose
Sale price£ 26.00 Regular price£ 28.25
MailegMaileg Mouse Dining Table
Sale price£ 18.50 Regular price£ 20.75
MailegMaileg Castle with Kitchen
Sale price£ 65.86 Regular price£ 74.00
MailegMaileg Big Sister Mouse in a Matchbox - White Dress
Sale price£ 25.00 Regular price£ 28.00
MailegMaileg Vintage Floor Lamp for Mice - Dark Mint
Sale price£ 22.00 Regular price£ 24.50