Maileg Furniture & Accessories

Maileg Furniture & Accessories

Maileg furniture and accessories are perfect for all Maileg doll's houses, including the Maileg Gingerbread House, Maileg Castles and the Maileg Doll's House. So, allow us to help you turn your Maileg house into a lovely Maileg mouse home with our complete range of furniture and accessories.

There are many Maileg house and furniture sizes to choose from, each of which is suited to different Maileg dolls. For instance, Micro/Mouse furniture is for all mice, My furniture is for My rabbits and baby mice, and Miniature furniture is for size 1 rabbits and bunnies, as well as the teddy family. My and Micro/Mouse dolls and furniture will fit in all doll houses; however, they’re best suited to the smaller Farmhouse, Castle, and Gingerbread Houses. If you’re still unsure about sizing, don't forget we are only a call away, as we know they can be a little confusing.

Maileg Kitchens

We can’t talk about Maileg dollhouse furniture without touching on the heart of any home, the kitchen! From the Dark Green Kitchen, I Want That Present is home to all manner of kitchens for the Maileg dolls to rustle up their favourite foods! Kitchens are available in two sizes: Miniature and Micro/Mouse, meaning mice, rabbits, bunnies, and teddies alike can get cooking. What’s more, there are a number of great kitchen accessories, such as the Miniature Grocery Box, Miniature Fruit and Veggies Box, and Tea and Biscuits for Two.

Maileg Beds

After working up a sweat in the kitchen and indulging in a tasty meal, the Maileg dolls need somewhere to lay their heads. Whether it’s the Anthracite Metal Vintage Mouse Bed or the Off White Vintage Metal Bed, I Want That Present can provide a world of comfort to any and every Maileg mouse. 

Maileg Bath

Of course, it’s not time to curl up in bed until after a relaxing bubble bath. That’s where the Miniature Bath Tub comes in, allowing your Maileg rabbits, bunnies, and teddies to get squeaky clean before they slink off to bed. 

Maileg Pram

What about when the time comes to get your Maileg babies from A to B? You’re going to need the Micro Pram to keep the little ones warm, comfortable, and happy on their adventures. 

Maileg Fridges

Your Maileg rabbits, bunnies, and teddies can’t very well get cooking in their kitchens if they don’t have a fridge full of food. Fortunately, the I Want That Present range is abundant in fridges, including the Off White Miniature Fridge and Mint Miniature Fridge

Maileg Side Table

Everyone needs a side table to keep their miscellaneous bits and bobs on, even the Maileg mice! That’s where the Side Table comes in to decorate your Maileg dolls houses.

Maileg Lamps 

Illuminating your Maileg dolls houses couldn’t be any easier with the help of Maileg lamps! From the Mint Miniature Floor Lamp to the Anthracite Miniature Floor Lamp, the I Want That Present store is packed full of lamps to shine a little light in your Maileg homes. 

The accessories listed above are just some of those offered by the I Want That Present online store. Be sure to browse the entire collection below to kit out your Maileg doll’s house with ease.



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Maileg Gingerbread Gift Bag
MailegMaileg Gingerbread Gift Bag
Sale price£ 3.00
MailegMaileg Hot Chocolate Set
Sale price£ 27.00
MailegMaileg Cake Stand and Cakes
Sale price£ 24.00
MailegMaileg Miniature Fridge - Yellow
Sale price£ 34.50
MailegMaileg Suitcase, Micro - Red
Sale price£ 4.75
MailegMaileg Tapestry Rug - Small, Medium, Large
Sale priceFrom £ 3.00
MailegMaileg Mouse Chair - Green Check
Sale price£ 14.00
MailegMaileg Mouse Chair - Stripe
Sale price£ 14.00
MailegMaileg Mouse Chair - Dot
Sale price£ 14.00
MailegMaileg Mouse Couch - Linen
Sale price£ 30.00
MailegMaileg Bench, Mouse Size - Red
Sale price£ 13.00
MailegMaileg Mouse Closet / Wardrobe - Cream
Sale price£ 20.00
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Maileg Miniature Bathroom Bundle Maileg Miniature Bathroom Bundle
MailegMaileg Miniature Bathroom Bundle
Sale price£ 54.25 Regular price£ 63.75
MailegMaileg Vintage Lantern - Red
Sale price£ 22.00
MailegMaileg Miniature Kitchen
Sale price£ 64.50
MailegMaileg Pumpkin Carriage, Mouse
Sale price£ 42.50
MailegMaileg Christmas Tea Party
Sale price£ 24.50
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maileg miniature dolls house off-white fireplace with light Maileg Fireplace, Vintage Off-white
MailegMaileg Fireplace, Vintage Off-white
Sale price£ 22.00
MailegMouse Chairs - Green (x2)
Sale price£ 22.00
MailegMaileg Cooking set for Mice
Sale price£ 22.00
MailegMaileg Tea and Biscuits for Two
Sale price£ 23.00
MailegMaileg Mouse Toilet
Sale price£ 24.50
MailegMaileg Fireplace, Vintage Blue
Sale price£ 22.00
MailegMaileg Bonfire Set
Sale price£ 16.00
MailegMaileg Mouse Sleigh - Green
Sale price£ 19.50
MailegMaileg Vacuum Cleaner - Mouse
Sale price£ 28.25
MailegMaileg Vintage Mouse Bed, Metal, Rose
Sale price£ 28.00
MailegMaileg Mouse Chair - Red & Cream
Sale price£ 11.00
MailegMaileg Cosy Christmas Set
Sale price£ 24.00
MailegMaileg Miniature Striped Rug
Sale price£ 4.75
MailegMaileg Micro Hanging Chair
Sale price£ 19.50
MailegMaileg Mouse Bed, Vintage, Metal, Mint
Sale price£ 28.25
MailegMaileg Bench, Mouse Size
Sale price£ 13.00
MailegMaileg Miniature Mirror
Sale price£ 8.50
MailegMaileg Kitchen, Light Brown - Mouse
Sale price£ 43.00
MailegMaileg Miniature Shelf
Sale price£ 8.50
MailegMaileg Miniature Bath Tub
Sale price£ 18.50