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Maileg Miniature Fridge - Mint
Maileg Miniature Fridge - Off White
Maileg Dining Table Set with 2 Chairs
Maileg Bathroom Set
Maileg Maileg Bathroom Set
£ 10.75
Maileg Miniature Shelf
Maileg Maileg Miniature Shelf
£ 8.50
Maileg Miniature Kitchen
Maileg Maileg Miniature Kitchen
£ 64.50
Maileg Miniature Bath Tub
Maileg Maileg Miniature Bath Tub
£ 18.50
Maileg Miniature Bathroom Sink
Maileg Miniature Floor Lamp - Dark Mint
Maileg Miniature Floor Lamp - Mint
Maileg Broom Set
Maileg Maileg Broom Set
£ 9.50
Maileg Miniature Mirror
Maileg Maileg Miniature Mirror
£ 8.50
Maileg Bath Mat
Maileg Maileg Bath Mat
£ 8.50
Maileg My Carry Cot - Pink
Maileg My Carry Cot - Dusky Green
Maileg Metal Suitcase - Elia
Maileg Mouse: Happy Camping Tent
Save 12%
Maileg Miniature blender - Yellow
Maileg Maileg Miniature blender - Yellow
£ 11.50 £ 13
Maileg Cake Set in Suitcase
Maileg Micro Cradle with Sleeping Bag - Off-white
Maileg Mouse Rubber Boat
Maileg Maileg Mouse Rubber Boat
£ 17.95
Maileg Metal Suitcase - Merle Dark
Maileg Metal Suitcase - Yellow Dot
Maileg Minature Basket
Maileg Maileg Minature Basket
£ 6.25
Maileg Vintage Picnic Set
Maileg Maileg Vintage Picnic Set
£ 18.50
Maileg Ironing Board and Iron
Maileg Micro Hanging Chair
Maileg Drying Rack and Pegs
Maileg Micro Stroller / Pushchair - Sky Blue
Maileg Micro Stroller / Pushchair - Powder
Maileg Minature Dark Brown Vintage Chest
Maileg Tea and Biscuits for Two
Maileg My Rabbit White Highchair
Maileg Micro Bunny White Highchair
Maileg My Metal Offwhite Playpen
Maileg My Baby Bunny Sitter / Chair
Maileg Micro Peach Sleeping Bag
Maileg Micro Pink Potty
Maileg Maileg Micro Pink Potty
£ 5.95
Maileg Micro White Cot Bed
Maileg Cooking set
Maileg Maileg Cooking set
£ 25.75
Maileg Two Micro Gold Vintage Chairs
Maileg Micro Baby Bunny Sitter / Chair - Spot
Maileg Micro Bucket and Mop
Maileg Hangers for Mega & Maxi Clothes
Maileg Mini Wooden Bed - Yellow
Maileg Maileg Mini Wooden Bed - Yellow
Due May 2021
£ 30.50
Maileg Mini Wooden Bed - Mint Blue
Maileg Maileg Mini Wooden Bed - Mint Blue
Due May 2021
£ 30.50
Maileg Mini Wooden Bed - Rose
Maileg Maileg Mini Wooden Bed - Rose
Due May 2021
£ 30.50

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