Jellycat Christmas

Jellycat Christmas 2023

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and I Want That Present is here to make it even better with the Jellycat Christmas collection. From Jellycat Christmas trees to Jellycat baubles, there are a number of fluffy friends to get you into the festive spirit! The Jellycat new designs for Christmas make for delightful decorations and gorgeous gifts, so find a jolly Jellycat for you or a friend.

Jellycat Hanging Decorations

It simply wouldn’t be Christmas time without a beautifully decorated home, and Jellycat’s hanging decorations can help make your dreams a reality. From sweet little stockings to hanging Amuseables, Jellycat’s range of Festive Folly hanging decorations has grown this year. Therefore, you can decorate your home with the most darling decorations, creating a cosy and Christmassy space!

Jellycat Holly and Mistletoe Collection

The Holly and Mistletoe Collection is just one branch of the Jellycat Christmas Range. From the Jellycat Christmas Snowman to the Jellycat Christmas Bunny, the collection is packed full of cuddly characters to celebrate Christmas! Holly and mistletoe are just two of the most recognisable features of the festive season, and Jellycat is here to become a staple of Christmas, too.

Jellycat Festive Follies New Designs

It’s not all about Jellycat Christmas bears and Jellycat Christmas dogs, as the brand is also home to the Festive Follies. These are exactly the characters you’d expect at Christmas time, including a jolly gingerbread man, a cute Christmas tree, a cuddly Christmas pudding, and a crunchy-looking candy cane. The Festive Follies are all about capturing the festive spirit and making magical moments! Let your little ones unleash their imaginations with the help of the Jellycat Christmas plushies.

Jellycat Christmas Books

Last but certainly not least, in the Jellycat Christmas Collection is a range of seasonal storybooks! Is there any better time to unleash your imagination than at Christmas time? We certainly don’t think so at I Want That Present, which is why we’re so keen to share the Jellycat Christmas books with you! These books follow the stories of your favourite festive friends, helping get your little one excited for Christmas by way of bedtime books. They’re sure to soothe them to sleep in time for Santa’s visit.

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The above categories are just some of those available in the Jellycat Christmas Collection. Be sure to browse our range below and make your purchase today.



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JellycatJellycat Leffy Elf
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JellycatJellycat Bartholomew Bear Bedtime
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JellycatJellycat Joy Reindeer
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JellycatJellycat Festive Folly Candy Cane
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JellycatJellycat Festive Folly Christmas Pudding
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JellycatAmuseable Slice of Christmas Cake
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JellycatJellycat Amuseable Christmas Pudding
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JellycatJellycat Jolly Gingerbread Ruby
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JellycatJellycat Amuseable Holly (2023)
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JellycatJellycat Festive Folly Christmas Tree
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JellycatJellycat Amuseable Present
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JellycatJellycat Amuseable Bauble
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JellycatJellycat Sofia Reindeer
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JellycatJellycat Festive Folly Present
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JellycatJellycat Skidoodle Seal
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JellycatJellycat Christmas Grizzo
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JellycatJellycat Festive Folly Penguin
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JellycatJellycat Shimmer Stocking Bunny
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JellycatJellycat Bashful Luxe Bunny Luna
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JellycatJellycat Festive Folly Clementine
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JellycatJellycat Shimmer Stocking Mouse
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Jellycat Amuseable gold sparkly fabric star with bead eyes, embroidered mouth and gold boots Jellycat Amuseable Star
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cute jellycat toastie amuseable avocado with pink earmuffs soft toy Jellycat Toastie Amuseable Avocado
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jellycat toastie aubergine is wearing yellow earmuffs Jellycat Toastie Vivacious Aubergine
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Jellycat Perry Polar Bear - New
JellycatJellycat Perry Polar Bear - New
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jellycat white fur munro scottie dog with red tartan hat and scarf Jellycat Winter Warmer Munro Scottie Dog
JellycatJellycat Winter Warmer Munro Scottie Dog
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jellycat white fur snowman with black coal eyes and an orange carrot nose Jellycat Wee Snowman
JellycatJellycat Wee Snowman
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Jellycat Skidoodle Penguin Jellycat Skidoodle Penguin
JellycatJellycat Skidoodle Penguin
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Jellycat Merry Mouse Skiing