Jellycat Baby Gifts

Jellycat Baby Gifts

While the vast majority of Jellycat cuddly toys are suitable from birth, there’s a range
designed specifically for babies. From Jellycat bunny comforters to teething ring toys, I Want That Present supplies the most soothing Jellycat baby products. Keeping babies content can be a tricky task, and calming them down can be even harder; however, with the help of the Jellycat baby range, it gets a whole lot easier.
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Jellycat Comforters

Everyone remembers their first baby blanket, and many of us carry them with us into adulthood. With quality products, like the Jellycat rabbit comforters, your baby will surely get years of comfort. It’s not long before comforters become glued to babies’ hands, meaning they need to be crafted from quality material that remains soft to the touch, even when they’re covered in dribble! Machine-washable products are also a must for cleanliness and convenience.

Baby Jellycat Gift Sets

Perhaps a friend or family member has welcomed a little bundle of joy into the world, and you need a great gift. If that’s the case, you needn’t look any further than the I Want That Present range of Jellycat baby gift sets. From Jellycat baby bunny sets to Odell Octopus gift sets, these are ideal for baby girls and boys alike.

Jellycat Rattles and Teethers

Teething is a time that all parents dread; no matter what you do, calming your little one down seems impossible! One thing that does help, though, is a teething ring. What sets Jellycat teething rings apart is that they’re being held by a cuddly companion. Therefore, your bundle of joy can nibble on the wooden ring to soothe their gums; meanwhile, they’ll be comforted by a bunny buddy or a polar bear pal. Shop the Jellycat Baby Gift Range at I Want That Present

Buying for your baby couldn’t be easier with the help of I Want That Present and Jellycat! We accept a number of payment options, including debit/credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and buy now, pay later.

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