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Games & Puzzles

We stock a selection of children’s games & puzzles.  From the wonderful eeBoo games which are as eco-friendly as you can get to the beautifully designed Djeco games & puzzles, they will all entertain and grow your child’s imagination.

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  • 100 Piece Giant World Map Puzzle

    Learn about the world with eeBoo's Jumbo World Map! This beautiful map of the world has 100 illustrations including the Eight Wonders of the World, the Solar System, Cloud Formations...
    £ 10.95
  • 1234 Basic Wooden Puzzle

    This Djeco wooden stacking puzzle is colourful and tactile making it appealing to very young children. Assemble and stack the shapes in pairs. Suitable from Ages: 18 months+
    £ 12.75
  • 6 Suits Playing Cards - The Playing Card Revolution

    Play all your favourite card games and more in a fun new way with this special deck of playing cards 6 suits of 9 cards - It's a playing cards...
    £ 9.99
    £ 7.49
  • Alphabet Lotto

    Learn the letters of the alphabet in this fun lotto game! Choose which side of the board you play on and try and be the first player to find all...
    £ 8.75
  • Alphabet Match Puzzle

    Learn the letters of the alphabet by matching the simple pictures to the letters. Illustrations feature a wide variety of cheerful characters, from astronauts to mermaids. There's no tricking this...
    £ 8.75
  • Animal Families - Mini Game

    Players use their matching and memory skills to collect a variety of different families, from familiar animals such as lions to the more unusual ostrich family. The first person to...
    £ 5.50
  • Animal Village Old Maid Game

    A fun card game full of colourful characters that will help to develop logic and communication skills. Beautifully illustrated, each character is identified by their occupations. Make sure you don't...
    £ 5.95
  • Animals 4 in a Box Puzzle

    Four animal-themed puzzles in one box, between four and 12 pieces each. Children can choose to piece together the elephant, dolphin, meerkat and penguin jigsaw puzzles. Each jigsaw gets progressively...
    £ 8.75
  • Animo Dices

    This is a simple first dice game, collect the right combination of animals using 4 dice and 3 throws. Players: 2-6 Suitable for Ages: 4-10 years
    £ 10.50
  • Back to School Magnetic Playboard

    Beautifully illustrated playboard and magnetic pieces, this is a fantastically creative, story-telling toy. Comes with 32 magnets and a foldable easel for a standing playboard Playboard size - 31cm x...
    £ 12.95
  • Bataplouf! - Bath Card Game

    A splashy game of snap.  5 sea animals are swimming in the bath, if two identical cards are turned up, the first to catch the animal on the cards wins...
    £ 9.95
  • Batasaurus Card Game

    A game that mixes strategy and memory. Be prepared for dinosaur attacks and retaliation with this fun prehistoric card game from Djeco. Featuring some of the most well known dinosaurs,...
    £ 6.96
  • Big Alphabet Puzzle

    Big Alphabet Jigsaw helps children learn the letters of the alphabet in a fun and engaging way. This giant, colourful puzzle promotes learning and discussion through its quirky illustrations which...
    £ 10.95
  • Big Dinosaur Puzzle
    Sold Out

    Big Dinosaur Puzzle

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    Out of Stock
    A colourful 50 piece shaped dinosaur jigsaw puzzle. Includes talkabout guide on the back of the box Puzzle size 58 x 40cm approx. Suitable for 4 years
    £ 10.95
  • Big Fire Engine Puzzle

    This 20-piece puzzle of a bright red fire engine features chunky pieces.Recommended Age: 3-5 years
    £ 10.95
  • Big Red Bus Puzzle

    This 15-piece puzzle of a bright red bus features chunky, wipeable pieces.Recommended Age: 2-5 years
    £ 10.95
  • Big Tractor Puzzle

    This 25-piece puzzle of a bright red tractor includes a talkabout guide.Recommended Age: 3-5 years
    £ 10.95
  • Big Wheels Puzzle

    These colourful puzzles include a variety of construction themed vehicles including three diggers and a cement mixer. The jigsaw also includes 8 extra play pieces for added value and to...
    £ 6.95
  • Bingo, Memo & Domino Games - Little Friends

    This great value box from Djeco contains three traditional picture games with lovely illustrations of cute animals - Domino, Bingo and Memo. 3 games in 1 box makes this the...
    £ 14.25
  • Bingonimo Wooden Game

    Creative bingo style game, throw the colour dice to collect matching body parts to complete your animal. The first to complete their animal is the winner.  Contains 4 cardboard boards...
    £ 15.50
  • Bottle Top Game

    Put your balancing skills to the test with our retro wooden bottle top game by Egmont Toys. Each player stacks the wooden discs on top of the bottle until you decide...
    £ 15.95
  • Build a Robot Spinner Game

    Build a Robot spinner board game is another great game from eeBoo. Build a robot part by part, so many heads and arms to choose from. Each player spins and...
    £ 14.95
  • Bus Stop Game

    Race to the bus station, picking up and dropping off passengers as you go! Throw the dice to move your bus around the board, either landing on a plus or...
    £ 10.95
  • Card Game - Familou

    A fun and unique game featuring a range of quirky animal designs from Djeco. The card game is based on Happy Families with a difference. The idea is all the players...
    £ 6.95
  • Card Game - Mixamatou

    Match the cats by hat, cheeks or clothes. One after another the players try to get rid of 1 or 2 cards by matching a card to the one in...
    £ 6.95
  • Catch and Count Game

    Spin the octopus spinner to see how many fish you can catch, but do take care...there's a shark out there! Spin the spinner, count the number of bubbles and collect...
    £ 8.75
  • Catch Board Game

    A mischievous mouse has snuck into the cats’ garden and stolen their bowl of delicious treats! To get their treats back, the four cats must surround the mouse before he...
    £ 11.95
  • Cheeky Monkeys Game

    A fun game of chance for all the family. There's no hanging about in this fast paced game, as players battle to collect and count the most bananas – but...
    £ 10.95
  • Counting Caterpillars Games

    Players: 2-4 Suitable for Ages: 3-6 years
    £ 10.95
  • Counting Mountain

    Be the first to reach the mountain top in this exciting counting and addition game, which includes a 3D mountain!Take turns to turn over two footprint cards, count the yeti...
    £ 10.95
  • Crazy Chefs Game

    Help the wacky chefs whip up a tasty meal in this matching game which teaches children about different foods.Recommended Age: 3-5 years
    £ 8.75
  • Crocodile Snap Mini Game

    This travel game features a fun twist on the traditional game of snap!Featuring 32 fun animal cards to match, players shout out 'snap!' for matching pairs, but when they spot...
    £ 5.50
  • Deep Sea 80pc "Shark" Shaped Jigsaw

    Not only is the box shaped so is the jigsaw! This 80 piece puzzle forms the shape of a SHARK and features all the wonderful graphics from our hugely popular...
    £ 13.75
  • Dinosaur 80pc "Dino" Shaped Jigsaw

    Not only is the box shaped so is the jigsaw! This 80 piece puzzle forms the shape of a DINOSAUR and features the graphics from our hugely popular Dino theme....
    £ 13.75
  • Dinosaur Dominos - Mini Game

    The aim of this travel size game is to get rid of your cards the fastest by building a domino line. The game develops matching and observation skills as players...
    £ 5.50
  • Dinosaur Lotto

    Dinosaur Lotto is the perfect game for your dinosaur enthusiasts! Players take it in turns to turn over the colourful dinosaur cards and be the first to fill their dinosaur...
    £ 8.75
  • Dinosaur Race Board Game

    Race for your position on the podium to collect a shiny medal! In this exciting game of chance, all the dinosaurs move simultaneously towards the finish line to collect a...
    £ 13.50
  • Dirty Dinos Game

    Fill your tub with squeaky clean dinosaurs in this fun colour, counting and observation game with three ways to play!Spread the cards in the middle of the table, spin the...
    £ 8.75
  • Dotty Dino Game

    Two games in one! Help the dinosaurs to find their missing spots! This fun game features double-sided dinosaur boards with two games in one - on one side a shape...
    £ 10.95
  • Duo Puzzle - Dinners Ready

    This delightful box contains ten two piece puzzles depicting an animal on one side and food on the other side. Simply match the animal to the food it likes to...
    £ 6.95
  • Duo Puzzle - Emotions

    Educational duo puzzles showing a range of emotions. Match the child’s emotion with one of the situations in this fun game of learning and understanding.  Made from sturdy cardboard, the...
    £ 6.95
  • Duo Puzzle - Hide and Seek

    This delightful box contains twelve two piece puzzles. On one piece is the animal and on the other piece you have to find where that animal is hiding! Wonderful stuff!...
    £ 6.95
  • Duo Puzzle - Mum and Baby

    The Djeco Puzzle Duo – Mom and Baby puzzles are gorgeous first puzzles for the little people in your life. The lovely, sturdy box comes with 12 two-piece puzzles –...
    £ 6.95
  • Duo Puzzle - Opposites

    This lovely Deco box of Puzzle Duo's features a series of beautifully illustrated 'opposite' animal pieces all to be matched up. There is the clean dog to match up with...
    £ 6.95
  • eeBoo - 100 Piece Age of the Dinosaur Puzzle

    The Age of the Dinosaur 100 Piece Puzzle features friendly dinosaurs living in harmony. Find your all favorite dinosaurs in this beautifully illustrated puzzle. A fun and easy way to be...
    £ 12.95
  • Fairy Snakes & Ladders & Ludo Board Game

    Traditional favourites are given an exciting, magical twist in Fairy Snakes & Ladders and Ludo. Players must race to the enchanted treehouse in Fairy Snakes & Ladders, or turn the...
    £ 10.95
  • Fairytale Spinner Board Game

    Fairytale Spinner Board Game is another great game from eeBoo.  This is a game for two to four players. Simply spin and collect components for a fairytale. Each player needs...
    £ 15.95
  • Fantasy 80pc " Butterfly" Shaped Jigsaw

    Not only is the box shaped so is the jigsaw! This 80 piece puzzle forms the shape of a BUTTERFLY and features all the wonderful graphics from our hugely popular...
    £ 13.75
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