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Jellycat Vividie Dino
Jellycat Jellycat Vividie Dino
£ 23.80 £ 28
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Fingerprint Buddies - DinosaurFingerprint Buddies - Dinosaur
4M Fingerprint Buddies - Dinosaur
£ 9 £ 13.50
Jellycat Dino Tails BookJellycat Dino Tails Book
Jellycat Jellycat Dino Tails Book
£ 13.95
Bashful DinoBashful Dino
Jellycat Bashful Dino
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Djeco Stencil Set - DinosaursDjeco Stencil Set - Dinosaurs
Djeco Djeco Stencil Set - Dinosaurs
£ 6 £ 6.75
Personalised Dinosaur Fund and Keepsake BoxPersonalised Dinosaur Fund and Keepsake Box
Personalised Dinosaur Money BoxPersonalised Dinosaur Money Box
Personalised Dinosaur Plastic Mug
Personalised Dinosaur 3 Piece Plastic Cutlery SetPersonalised Dinosaur 3 Piece Plastic Cutlery Set
Personalised 'Be Roarsome' Dinosaur Drinks BottlePersonalised 'Be Roarsome' Dinosaur Drinks Bottle
Personalised Dinosaur Plastic PlatePersonalised Dinosaur Plastic Plate
Dinosaurs Gift WrapDinosaurs Gift Wrap
Chalkboard Dinosaur Colouring BookChalkboard Dinosaur Colouring Book
Dinosaur Stickabouts - Reusable Stickers
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Dinosaur Dominos - Mini GameDinosaur Dominos - Mini Game
Orchard Toys Dinosaur Dominos - Mini Game
£ 4.40 £ 5.50
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Dotty Dino GameDotty Dino Game
Orchard Toys Dotty Dino Game
£ 8.76 £ 10.95
Jellycat My Friend Dino RattleJellycat My Friend Dino Rattle
Jellycat Medium Douglas Dino
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Artistic Patch Foil Kit - DinosaursArtistic Patch Foil Kit - Dinosaurs
Djeco Artistic Patch Foil Kit - Dinosaurs
£ 9.25 £ 11
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Scratch Cards - When Dinosaurs Reigned
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4M KidzLabs Mammoth Skeleton Excavation Kit
4M 4M KidzLabs Mammoth Skeleton Excavation Kit
£ 10.36 £ 12.95
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4M Dig A Glow Dinosaur4M Dig A Glow Dinosaur
4M 4M Dig A Glow Dinosaur
£ 4.40 £ 5.50
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Create Your Own Terrible T-Rex HeadCreate Your Own Terrible T-Rex Head
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Dinosaur Mask Kit
Clockwork Soldier Dinosaur Mask Kit
£ 3.50 £ 3.95
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Batasaurus Card GameBatasaurus Card Game
Djeco Batasaurus Card Game
£ 6 £ 7.50
Personalised Dinosaur Breakfast Set
Roarsome Dinosaurs My Room Hanging PlaqueRoarsome Dinosaurs My Room Hanging Plaque
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Dinosaur 80pc Dino" Shaped Jigsaw"Dinosaur 80pc Dino" Shaped Jigsaw"
Floss & Rock Dinosaur 80pc Dino" Shaped Jigsaw"
£ 12.50 £ 13.75
Dinosaur Musical Snow Globe
Polepole Wooden Dinosaur - Brachiosaurus
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Ty Stompy Dinosaur Flippable Beanie Boo - 23cm
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Pop Out Dinosaur Greeting CardPop Out Dinosaur Greeting Card
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3rd Birthday Card - Dinosaurs - I Want That Present
Jellycat My Best Pet BookJellycat My Best Pet Book
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Stickers - Dinosaur
Djeco Stickers - Dinosaur
£ 2.75 £ 3.25
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Dinosaur Origami
Djeco Dinosaur Origami
£ 4.20 £ 5.25
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Dinosaur Mosaics KitDinosaur Mosaics Kit
Djeco Dinosaur Mosaics Kit
£ 6 £ 7.50
Dino Des Dinosaur Personalised Clock
Dino Debs Personalised Clock
Dino Smino Personalised Clock
Dino Deano Personalised Clock
Dino Dave Personalised Clock
Dino Dex Personalised Clock
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Shiny Stickers - Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are undoubtedly amazing and have always captured children’s imagination. At I Want that Present we all remember first learning about how these giant and fascinating animals used to roam the earth. Today’s children are just as enthralled. We have selected a range of dino toys for children from 2 upwards,  games, stationery packs, money boxes, a railway set and some gorgeous soft toys from the Swedish company Teddykompaniet. 

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