Gift Guide -  First Birthday Gifts

Gift Guide - First Birthday Gifts

Finding the perfect gifts for first birthdays is incredibly important; being such a big milestone, the occasion needs to be made special and memorable. That’s where we come in to provide an adorable array of products that are sure to make any one-year-old beam with joy. 

Our first birthday gift selection removes the stress of gift-giving from your hands; gone are the days of frantically rushing to the shops, only to weave in and out of various stores and come away empty-handed. With I Want That Present, a whole wealth of charming gifts is at your fingertips, allowing you to carry out the entire shopping process from the comfort of your own home!

To that end, listed below are just some of the products available that we feel would be perfectly suited for first birthday gifts!

Cuddly First Birthday Gift Ideas – Soft Toys

First up is our range of soft toys for soon-to-be one-year-olds, made by popular brands such as Jellycat and Maileg. At age one, some babies find themselves taking their first steps and saying their first words, which shows their growth in independence. Naturally, this newfound independence can be intimidating, which is why a cuddly companion can be perfect for keeping them company, holding their hand, and helping them navigate the world, one step at a time. 

Thoughtful First Birthday Gifts – Push and Pull Along Toys

It’s at one year old that little ones really start to find their feet, toddling along and exploring the world around them. That’s where push and pull along toys come in, providing little ones with the support and companionship they need to make adventuring a breeze. 

Books for First Birthdays 

From activity books to board books, each of the books for one-year-olds in the I Want That Present range works to engage the senses in more ways than one. Not only are our books full of fun and colourful shapes to stimulate little ones visually, but they also contain elements that are fun to feel, making them even more engaging.

First Birthday Gifts for Girls and Boys – Wooden Puzzles

The curious mind of a one-year-old is keen to solve problems. Wooden puzzles engage your little ones’ senses, keeping them occupied and helping their developmental skills. Nothing compares to the sense of achievement felt by your little one when they successfully place their puzzle piece in the correct slot!

Fun First Birthday Presents – Ride On Toys

As your newly one-year-old goes on to discover the world around them, you can make this journey of discovery a whole lot more exciting with ride on toys. Not only do these ride on toys satisfy the need for speed that many one-year-olds have, but they also help them gauge balance, which helps with their development. 

Stimulating First Birthday Presents – Stacking and Sorting Toys

The act of stacking and sorting helps to engage the inquisitive minds of one-year-olds, as they work to navigate where each piece fits. As a result, sorting and stacking toys are ideal for keeping even the most lively of one-year-olds occupied for a significant length of time.  

First Birthday Gift Delivery from I Want That Present

Those listed above are just some of the first birthday gifts available from I Want That Present. Shop the rest of the collection to find the perfect first birthday gift today! 



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JellycatJellycat Bashful Tiger
Sale priceFrom £ 17.00
DjecoDjeco Pipop Pidoo Pop Up Toy
Sale price£ 19.95
VilacVilac Ride-on Fire Engine
Sale price£ 99.95
DjecoDjeco1234 Basic Wooden Puzzle
Sale price£ 12.75
DjecoDjeco Woodypile Wooden Relief Puzzle
Sale price£ 12.50
Oskar & EllenOskar & Ellen Fabric Tea Set
Sale price£ 35.50
DjecoDjeco BabyPuzzi Lift Out Puzzle
Sale price£ 15.95
BigjigsBigjigs Flower Activity Walker
Sale price£ 59.99
DjecoDjeco Piti Rain Shaker
Sale price£ 13.75
DjecoDjeco Stacking Forest Blocks
Sale price£ 14.75
DjecoDjeco Wooden Mini Farm
Sale price£ 21.25
DjecoDjeco 4 Tubs of Play Dough
Sale price£ 6.95
DjecoDjeco BabyRaini Shaker
Sale price£ 13.75
Tender LeafTender Leaf Toys Sweet Swan Pram
Sale price£ 85.00
WheelybugsWheelybug Bee Ride-on
Sale price£ 69.95
Small FootWooden Safari Puzzle by Small Foot
Sale price£ 9.95
BigjigsActivity Pull Along Train - FSC 100%
Sale price£ 32.99
Small FootClassic Racetrack by Small Foot
Sale price£ 25.00
BigjigsPull Along Fox - FSC 100%
Sale price£ 25.99
Small FootCascading Tower by Small Foot
Sale price£ 25.95
BigjigsPull Along Bunny & Baby - FSC 100%
Sale price£ 19.99
BigjigsHammering Bench "Arctic" by Small Foot
Sale price£ 18.00
I Want That PresentAssorted Toddler Toys
Sale price£ 6.50
BigjigsForest Stacker - FSC 100%
Sale price£ 19.99
Small FootABC Stacking Cubes by Small Foot
Sale price£ 23.00
Classic WorldClassic World Iris Music Set
Sale price£ 36.00
Tender Leaf ToysTender Leaf Toys Timber Taxi
Sale price£ 28.00
Small FootFire Engine by Small Foot
Sale price£ 11.95
BigjigsBigjigs Activity Walker
Sale price£ 82.99
Small FootWooden Tractor by Small Foot
Sale price£ 11.95
JabadabadoPuzzle Safari by Jabadabado
Sale price£ 17.50
Small FootWooden Police Car by Small Foot
Sale price£ 11.95
TidloTildo Babywalker With ABC Blocks
Sale price£ 72.99