Jellycat Easter Collection

Jellycat Easter Collection

Easter is among the most exciting times of the year for kids, with chocolate galore! That said, while Easter eggs are great, there is such thing as too many. One thing a child can never have too many of, though, is cuddly toys and storybooks. That’s where the Easter Jellycat collection comes in, presenting quality plushies and books that make for perfect Easter gifts. So, fuel your kids’ imaginations with our Jellycat Easter favourites!

Cuddly Bunnies

What’s the first animal that comes to mind when you think of Easter? The Easter Bunny, of course! As part of the Jellycat Easter Collection, I Want That Present provides multiple bunny plushies. From our Bashful Bunnies in pretty pastels and striking shades to our bouncy Bobbi Bunnies, the Easter Collection is abundant in bunnies, ready to hop into spring.

Fluffy Sheep

Sheep are just some of the animals that represent spring, making them another staple of Easter. As a result, the Jellycat Easter Collection also contains Sherri Sheep and Huddles Sheep. With the comfort of one of these by their side, your child won’t ever have to count sheep to get to sleep again!

Chirpy Chickens

After sheep, chickens are the animals most often associated with spring. For this reason, we have Cecile Chicken and Cluny Cockerel available in the Jellycat Easter Collection. It’s safe to say that your little one will be ready for the day ahead with one of these cheeky chickens to keep them company.

Bedtime Books

Who doesn’t love a cosy story before bed? Well, Jellycat provides some of the most soothing stories, ready to ease your little ones into bedtime. From My Friend Bunny… to When I am Big, there are so many books on offer to engage and excite curious minds. With Jellycat, your child’s imagination can run wild.

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The above categories cover just some of the products offered by the Jellycat Easter Collection. The range also comprises cuddly toys such as plush pigs, huggable hearts, embraceable eggs, darling ducks, fabulous flowers, beautiful birds, and loveable lobsters.

If you find something you like, we offer multiple payment options. These include debit/credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and buy now pay later. Therefore, finding and paying for the perfect Easter gift couldn’t be easier with I Want That Present!



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JellycatJellycat Bashful Blue Bunny
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JellycatJellycat Bashful Pink Bunny
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JellycatJellycat Bashful Blush Bunny
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JellycatJellycat Huddles Duck
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JellycatJellycat Blossom Cream Bunny
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JellycatJellycat Bashful Petal Bunny
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JellycatJellycat Yummy Bear
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JellycatJellycat Cluny Cockerel
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JellycatJellycat Amuseabean Bunny
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JellycatJellycat Smudge Rabbit
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JellycatJellycat Huddles Sheep
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JellycatJellycat Finnegan Frog
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JellycatJellycat Lottie Bunny Fairy
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JellycatJellycat Fluffy Duck
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JellycatJellycat Bashful Moss Bunny
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JellycatJellycat Truffle Sheep
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JellycatJellycat Fergus Frog
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