Djeco Free Slide Penguin Game
Djeco Free Slide Penguin Game


Djeco Free Slide Penguin Game

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Under the watchful eye of their dads, the little penguins are having fun iceberg-hopping, but they must be careful not to fall into the water!

In Glisse Glace, players take turns flicking their puck into the playing area, then trying to push baby penguins from one puck to another. If they succeed, the player picks up baby tokens of the same colour as the baby; if they fail (either by pushing dads or babies into the water), the player picks up dad tokens. When a pile of tokens is empty, the game ends, and players score positive points for their baby tokens — but only the player with the most points in each colour counts — then deducts the dad tokens. Whoever has the most points wins!

Suitable for Ages: 6-12