Cookie Baking Set by Jabadabado
Cookie Baking Set by Jabadabado


Cookie Baking Set by Jabadabado

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Get ready to bake up some fun! Grab your tools and equipment to whip up delicious cookies, and enjoy hours of baking joy. For the full baker experience, pair this with our stylish chef clothes.

With the Jabadabado Cookie Set, your journey to becoming a master baker starts in the kitchen. From crafting buns to baking scrumptious winter bread, this all-inclusive baking set has you covered. Whether it's your turn to provide cookies for preschool or simply enjoy baking at home, success is guaranteed. And for the full baker's vibe, don't forget to wear our fine chef clothes.

Our Baking Set includes everything a little baker needs for a fantastic baking adventure:

  • 1 electric mixer
  • 1 plate
  • 1 bag of wheat flour
  • 1 bag of sugar
  • 1 packet of milk
  • 1 spritz
  • 1 divisible egg
  • 2 cakes
  • 1 bowl

Size: 24 x 8 x x 18cm
Suitable for Ages: 2+