jellycat bunny dressed in a mustard jumper &  patterened skirt
Jellycat Coquette Cutie Bunny


Jellycat Coquette Cutie Bunny

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Introducing Jellycat's Coquette Cutie Bunny, your easygoing companion who seeks solace in the cozy ambiance of a cafe, relishing a delightful carrot smoothie. Wrapped in a calming oatmeal hue, this lovable bunny embraces a mustard knit top that radiates warmth and coziness. Completing its ensemble is a playful floral skirt, exuding an enchanting charm that captivates onlookers. Infused with a touch of eccentricity, Coquette Cutie Bunny showcases a uniquely embroidered expression, reflecting its distinct personality. Yet, its perky ears and expressive brows truly steal the limelight, effortlessly inviting adoration and melting hearts. With its relaxed demeanor and delightful style, Coquette Cutie Bunny embodies the essence of a treasured friend, infusing joy and a whimsical touch into any setting.

  • Size - H25 X W6cm
  • Suitable from birth