Jellycat Maya Octopus
Jellycat Maya Octopus


Jellycat Maya Octopus

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Size:Tiny - 14cm

Meet Jellycat Maya Octopus, the ultimate huggable companion with eight plush corduroy tentacles and an endearing embroidered smile. Maya's silky-soft fur in a captivating dusky mauve shade enhances her irresistible oceanic allure.

This charming creature is ready to wrap you in the warmest, snuggliest embrace imaginable. With each tentacle offering a cozy and comforting touch, Maya Octopus brings joy and comfort to all who encounter her. Whether you're seeking a cuddly companion for bedtime or a comforting friend during the day, Maya is here to bring smiles and love with her oceanic charms. Embrace the enchantment of Maya Octopus as she spreads her warmth and affection through her silky fur and wide smile, promising endless moments of joy and the biggest, coziest hugs imaginable.Suitable from birth

  • Available in sizes Tiny, Little & Large
  • Huge and Large sizes - please do not leave in a cot/ crib.