maileg miniature fabric bonfire with marshmallows, sausages and a croissant
maileg fabric camping bonfire set with big brother mouse soft toy toasting marshmallows
maileg fabric camping bonfire set with 3 big brother mice soft toys toasting marshmallows


Maileg Bonfire Set

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Suitable for All Maileg Mice: Big & Little mice, Mum & Dad Mice & Micro Bunnies / Rabbits

Maileg Bonfire set is perfect for the hiker mice to take on a camping trip, they love to sit by the fire and prepare their food. This set comes with sticks, food, and branches. The sticks have a small metal part to make sure the hiking mice can hold the sticks with their magnet paws.

  • Suitable from age 3+
  • Dimensions: 11cm x 7cm