maileg toy wooden skis and ski poles
maileg toy wooden skis and ski poles
maileg mum mouse standing on wooden skis holding ski poles


Maileg Ski & Ski Poles for Mum & Dad Mice

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Suitable for Adult Mice; Mum, Dad & Grandparent Mice

Mouse size: 15cm


Introducing the Maileg Ski and Ski Poles set for Mum and Dad mice, the ultimate vacation companions. Eagerly anticipating the arrival of snow, they are ready to hit the slopes and bring a touch of Alpine-style to any home. This perfect winter sports set showcases their unique skiing style that sets them apart from the rest. Get ready to add a playful and adventurous twist to your Maileg collection with these skiing enthusiasts.

  • Suitable for Mum / Dad Mice
  • Age: 3 years & up
  • Material: Wood