Jellycat Bears

Jellycat Bears

If one thing is certain, it’s that the range of Jellycat teddy bears is absolutely adorable! From their friendly faces to their plush paws, the Jellycat bears are undeniably loveable. What’s more, they’re suitable for newborns, meaning they could be your bundle of joy’s first comfort companion.

Bartholomew Teddy Bear

The first of the bears in the Jellycat range is Bartholomew Teddy Bear. He’s the perfect pal to help soothe your little one to sleep, thanks to his silky soft fur and cute button nose. On top of this, he can be machine washed at 40°C to keep him clean with ease.

Bumbly Teddy Bear

Bumbly Teddy Bear is a fluffy fellow with an extra-long snout, giving him the classic appearance of a vintage bear with a modern twist! His big head, chunky tummy, and squishy feet are perfect for cuddling, making him the ideal bedtime companion.

Cocoa Bear

Cocoa Bear is a classic scruffy chum with messy praline-coloured fur! This is in addition to his caramel-coloured muzzle, chocolate chip nose, and big squishy paws. Moreover, his long and loping arms and perky little ears give him such a charming appearance.

Edward Teddy Bear

Edward Teddy Bear couldn’t get any cuter with his heart-shaped face and plush mocha-coloured nose! Whether you want to snuggle up with him at bedtime or take him on all your adventures, he’s the perfect cuddly companion.

Finley Teddy Bear

Finley Teddy Bear is the friendliest grizzly bear you’ll ever meet! His ruffled brown fur, big squishy paws, and chocolate-coloured nose make him look so loveable. He can join you in a gentle slumber or even embark on forest adventures with you, making him the perfect playtime pal.

Wee Bear

Next up is Jellycat’s little bear, Wee Bear. Wee Bear is the ideal miniature mate for babies, thanks to his ruffled fur and curious little face. His small size makes him the perfect travel companion, as he can slot effortlessly into bags, beds, and car seats.

Little Polar Bear

Little Polar Bear is a bundle of cuddles boasting creamy baby-soft fur. He also has a stitched black nose and dinky paws, perfect for Arctic adventures. Let your little ones unleash their imagination and wander through the tundra with their polar bear pal.

Edmund Cream Bear

Last but certainly not least is Edmund Cream Bear. This Jellycat teddy’s favourite thing to do is snuggle, and his squishy belly makes him the ideal cuddle buddy! What’s more, you can’t help but fall in love with his adorable little face.

Be sure to browse the rest of the Jellycat bears collection to find your next cuddly companion.



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