Jade Dragons Marbles Treasures Box by Billes & Co

Billies & Co

Jade Dragons Marbles Treasures Box by Billes & Co

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Unearth the Jade Dragons Marbles Box from Billes & Co. Unveil the mystical powers of stones through marbles. Possess the strength of the dragon with the Jade Dragon set, protected by indestructible jade against formidable opponents.

Marble toys transcend mere entertainment, cherished by children for their sensory allure. Sorting and arranging these marbles not only provides boundless joy but also nurture fine motor skills and dexterity.

At I Want That Present, our love for vintage children's toys is evident, and Billes & Co marble sets embody enduring charm.

    • Box of 63 pieces containing 5 varieties of marbles, 4 varieties of shootesr and 3 varieties of special marbles: 30 (16mm) marbles, 7 (14mm) marbles, 22 pebble marbles, 4 (22/25mm) shooters

    • Product designed and assembled in France – Marbles made in Mexico
    • Complies with CE and ASTM/CPSIA standards
    • Suitable for Ages 5+
    • Box Dimensions : 10 x 18 x 3 cm