Grey cat with blue jumper and blue patterned skirt
Jellycat Coquette Cutie Cat


Jellycat Coquette Cutie Cat

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Jellycat Coquette Cutie Cat has a deep affection for its knitted pocket, an ideal place to store delectable treats! Dressed in an ensemble of navy and florals, adorned with petal-fold ears, a pink stitch nose, and delicate paws, this little feline radiates an air of understated elegance and charm. The knitted pocket serves as both a practical and fashionable feature, ensuring that treats are always within reach while adding an adorable touch to its appearance. With its navy and floral attire, Jellycat Coquette Cutie Cat effortlessly captivates with its subtle yet chic aesthetic. Every detail, from the carefully crafted ears to the dainty paws, contributes to its overall allure. This delightful companion not only looks stylish but also offers a convenient storage solution, making it an irresistible choice for those seeking both functionality and an adorable flair.

  • Size - H25 X W6cm
  • Suitable from birth