maileg big brother surfer mouse with blue and orange swimsuit standing on windsurf board


Maileg Surfer Big Brother Mouse

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Get ready for a beach adventure with Maileg Big Brother Surfer Mouse! This beach-loving Maileg mouse is all set for a day of surfing and fun in the sun. Dressed in a stylish swimsuit and a cool sun cap, he's ready to catch the waves and ride them with his trusty surfboard.

Maileg Big Brother Surfer Mouse is the perfect companion for beach enthusiasts. With his love for the ocean and his passion for surfing, he brings a sense of excitement and adventure to every beach outing. Whether he's riding the waves or simply basking in the sun, this surfer mouse is always in his element.

So grab your sunscreen and join Maileg Big Brother Surfer Mouse for an unforgettable beach experience. With his surfboard by his side, he's ready to make a splash and create lasting memories as he enjoys his favorite pastime of catching waves.

  • Mouse Size :  12cm
  • Suitable for all Ages
  • Washing instruction: 30 degrees
  • Material: Cotton / Linen