maileg stroller / pushchair for baby mice
maileg pink stroller with 2 baby mice sitting in it from Maileg


Maileg Stroller, Baby Mice - Mint

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The Maileg stroller, with its soft mint color, is ideal for families with multiple mouse babies. Its spacious design allows for easy transportation of two or three babies at once, with the added feature of a seat that can be adjusted to face either towards the parent or outwards to the world, providing a comfortable and safe experience for your little ones as they explore the world around them. This stroller is perfect for mouse families who love to go on adventures with their little ones.

This stroller is also suitable for your baby mice and MY rabbits.

  • Suitable for Ages 3+
  • Approx Height 13 x 7 cm
  • Suitable for Ages 3+
  • Washing instruction: Surface wash
  • Material: Metal / Cotton